Helicopter Safaris

For those with larger travel budgets who wish to cover plenty of ground on their safari, charter helicopters are available. A helicopter is a perfect way to access remote areas quickly and easily, without need for landing strips or clearances. Some of the ranches in Laikipia can arrange ‘heli-camping’ in which a helicopter is used to transport guests to remote destinations where a luxury camp awaits. This is also an out of this world way to see the local landscapes and wildlife.

Kenya is a country of extraordinary landscapes, rich in wildlife and culture. Our helicopter safaris are all tailor made, all unique and all completely exciting. Our trips make the most of the various regions, exploring mountains, lakes, deserts and forests, and always follow the most scenic routes, touching down wherever possible. Depending on your available time and interests, helicopter itineraries include some of these destinations: Maasai Mara, the Chyulu Hills, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Lakes of the Great Rift, and the deserts of the North.